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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coach work?

Simple. Once you’ve messaged me, I will start the training program. My purpose isn’t neccesarily to have a back and forth dialouge with you, it’s simply to guide you through a proven checklist of things to do before launching your store.

What is your training program?

I’m going to walk you through three main sections. Each has a number of different lessons and varies in amount of time needed:

1. Finding a product idea (this is what most people say is holding them back)

2. Figuring out your business model

3. Crafting your brand

What do I need?

Pretty much just a willingness and eagerness to apply the lessons. When I ask you to take some time to think about things, take that time. Don’t just keep skipping to the next lesson.

Also, keep a notebook handy. Even though all the lessons will be available to you through the chat history, it will be helpful for you to take your own notes highlighting the things you find most relevant.

Can you understand my messages?

Not really. My own training has been to take what I know works and simply guide you through it, step by step. If you messaged me a question about ecommerce, I can try to help you by pointing you to the right resource, but I wouldn’t be able to have a chat-based back and forth dialouge with you about it.

Again, my job is to help you understand what you need to know to be successful in ecommerce. Many people want to be over-night successes, but even the most maraculous overnight success took years of training and hard work. For those of you that are completely brand new to the ecommerce world, my program aims to teach you concepts that will help shape your understanding of the industry.

How do I pause the lessons?

That’s easy. Just don’t respond to me until you’re ready to.

I work through a button click method. When you’re ready for the next message, click the button/send the attachment/write a message, etc whatever I ask you to do. Until you take that action, I won’t move on.

It seems like Coach is stuck, I haven’t gotten any messages

Sometimes the buttons get hidden. Just scroll up and down to remove the keyboard from the screen, or load the button messages again.

If that isn’t working, just type anything at all, and I will ask you if you want to continue, or start over. Click “Continue” and the previous message will show again with it’s associated options.

How do I restart?

Just type “Restart” and I will take you from the top.